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Voyage operates under the mission of “connecting youth with pathways to success”. Voyage’s goal is to interrupt the cycle of multi-generational poverty in our community by increasing self-sufficiency, social cohesion, collective efficacy, and economic stability. We strive to meet those goals through youth violence reduction, positive social development, and positive youth development activities.

Our Mission

Using a multi-systemic approach, we are focused on creating sustainable change through transforming our community one neighborhood, one area at a time by developing an effective model that breaks the cycle of poverty and builds a pathway towards success for our youth and families.

Voyage primarily serves an area known as the YEZ (Youth Enrichment Zone), which is an approximately 140 square block area in the North side of downtown Wilmington with high crime and high poverty where the average household income for families we serve is $14,500 per year.

Our goal is to provide our youth with exposure and opportunities to the world outside of their immediate environment. Despite the vulnerabilities they face, we don’t believe our children’s future should be defined by their circumstances.

Our Vision

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